Hot Fix Rhinestones Application Settings

Hot Fix Rhinestones

Generally, the following parameters are most important when carrying out Hot Fix Rhinestones applications.

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Application Time

Hot Fix Rhinestones – Temperature

Hot Fix Rhinestones adhesive is activated within a temperature range of 250 F to 340 F.  A suitable application temperature can be selected from this range according to the material you are apply hot fix rhinestones to, as well as its sensitivity to heat.

With heat presses, the temperature selected on the display does not always reflect the actual temperature on the surface of the press. Often, the temperature can be distributed unevenly, or on heat plate may be defective.

It is therefore recommended to regularly check the temperature with a laser measuring device or temperature measuring strips at various points on the heating surface, to ensure the temperature is distributed evenly across it. Checks should be carried out regularly (once per week), particularly during production.

Hot Fix Rhinestones

Hot Fix Rhinestones – Pressure

The pressure setting depends on the Hot Fix Rhinestones elements to be applied, the material, and the technical equipment used.

Too much pressure can cause the adhesive to be spread out and can also affect the surface of the material.  Too little pressure, however, can result in a weak and insufficient bond between the hot fix rhinestones and the material.

In general, the pressure should be applied directly to the hot fix rhinestones elements. It is therefore necessary to check if there are any buttons, zippers or raised parts surrounding them.  Always use a compensating pad to even out the surface.

Hot Fix Rhinestones

Hot Fix Rhinestones – Application Time

In general, the application time should be sufficient to allow the hot-melt glue to be fully activated, and then to penetrate the material.

The application time necessary depends on the hot fix rhinestones element, the temperature selected, and the machine used, the material and the application side.

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